Monday, 2 October 2017

Creative Life - Free Creative Places To Visit In London

With an ‘eye-contact-avoiding’, ‘public-transport-hating’, and ‘overpriced-everything’ culture all of its own, London is weirdly but undoubtedly still one of my favourite places in the UK. I am lucky enough to have lived a half an hour train journey away from the City for the last 3 years, and have enjoyed countless days out exploring the cities unique and most inspiring creative places. Here are my absolute favourites, all of which are free to visit! Yay to feeling creative for free!

Camden Market
A huge North London market consisting of over 1000 unique shops, stalls, bars and cafes.

Perfect for-
- Feeling inspired by the vibrant and lively atmosphere created by the crowds of Tourists and Locals alike.
- Trying new foods & drinks from the hundreds of street food stalls selling delicious & inventive food from all over the world. Yes to Japanese-style sweet potato fries and crispy onion loaded mac & cheese! *Drools*
- People-watching/people-drawing. Sit by the Canal with a sketchbook and watch the world go by. There are also some great pubs on the canal with views of the food market! A pint & some pencils please!
- Supporting small creative businesses selling art prints, unique gifts, vintage up-cycles and everything in between!

Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall
The impressive hall at the centre of the Tate Modern - A contemporary Art Gallery on London's Southbank.

Perfect for-
- Soaking up the calming atmosphere of the huge hall space.
- People-watching/people-drawing. Sit on the side steps near the entrance for the best view of the hall and the people too.
-Admiring the architecture & the installations. The huge Turbine Hall is a constantly changing space, hosting Artists’ installations on a bigger scale than you have ever seen before!
-Finding inspiration in the books section of the gift shop. This is one of my favourite things to do at the Tate Modern! They stock a huge range of books relating to anything & everything creative!

Gods Own Junkyard
A crazy collection of neon and vintage signs based in Walthamstow.
Perfect for-
-Creative photography. Whether it’s a cool instagram selfie, or glowy-arty shot of the treasure trove of Neon Signs, this place is sure to inspire.
-Amazing colour and lettering inspiration. This place literally is heaven on earth for anyone who is into retro lettering. Take a sketchbook and draw what you see, or take photos of your favourite signs to use as reference & inspiration later.

Regents Park
A beautiful park in North London with large open spaces, display gardens and play areas. It also houses London Zoo and an Open Air Theatre.

Perfect for-
- Calm & Tranquility. Switch your phone to silent and take in the peaceful surroundings, you literally forget that you are actually in a bustling city!
-People-watching/people-drawing. Once you are relaxed, take out your sketchbook and pens and doodle!
- Picnics! It’s definitely worth spending the day here if you can. Bring snacks and a picnic blanket and explore the different areas of the park.

London Graphic Centre, Covent Garden
The most epic art supplies shop!

Perfect for-
- Stocking up on your favourite art supplies. I find that I have to go towards the end of my day out because otherwise I will be carrying around my weight in supplies for the rest of the day. The phrase ‘Treat Yo Self’ has never been more apt than for a visit here.
- Getting inspired & finding new supplies for projects. Here I have discovered new materials/equipment/supplies Every. Single. Visit.
- Getting advice about materials. Massively friendly and informative staff will help you if you have any questions, no matter how specific it seems, these people know their stuff!

It’s worth mentioning that these are just a few of the most wonderful, inspiring, creative places in London, and are my opinion only. I would love to explore new and different places in the future and would love to know where your favourites are too! Please leave yours in the comments below!

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