Monday, 2 October 2017

Hello, I'm A Parrot Or A Hippie.

As this is my first blog post I think it’s only fit to give you an explanation of my blog name ‘Parrot Or A Hippie’, so here goes-

There I was, me and about 12 other 6-year-old kids sat cross-legged in a circle on the scratchy green carpet of my classroom floor. My teacher asks us to take it in turns to say what we want to be when we grow up. *GULP* Understatement of the year- this made me nervous. I had never wanted to be a nurse, or a teacher, or a vet. So when my turn arrived I panicked and said the first thing that popped into my head. “A Parrot”. This, understandably, made my whole class giggle and my teacher smirk. Red-faced and realising what the heck I had said, I quickly changed my mind to the next logical thing for me. “Or A Hippie”. This was met again, by some funny looks and giggles. The teacher swiftly moved onto the next future nurse. The everlasting embarrassment of this memory is now met by a new feeling of pride for my younger self.

I was born into a creative family, my mum is a Genius Painter, my dad is a Kick-Ass Graphic Designer & Photographer, and my older sister is an Incredible Embroiderer. I am extremely lucky to have always been supported in anything I ever wanted to do by my family. Hence, “Parrot Or A Hippie”. Looking back on it, it makes sense. This was the first indication that I was doomed to live a creative life.

Parrots were my favourite animals at that time; their rainbow feathers still make my heart skip a beat. And as for the Hippie thing, well quite simply, I loved the colourful tie-dye tops and flares. And after my mum explained what those cool peace symbols meant, the idea was really set in my mind- I’m going to be a Hippie. This lead to my mum calling me a hippie chick and buying me some denim flares with patches on the knees. Nice.

Unfortunately I have not become an actual Parrot or a Hippie, however as a freelance illustrator I have kept my endless love for colour and creativity. The wings would have been useful, and the flares would have looked great, but hey, close enough. Proudly and persistently follow your dreams.

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